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MAC stands for ‘Mechanical Architecture and Civil’.
MAC is a Leading Online Video Training Publisher, Founded in 2015 with the mission in mind to provide High Quality CAD/CAM/CAE training to Working Professionals/Students/Consultants and with innovative new fun way of communication where learning is made easy. With High Quality tutorials on the World’s most widely used CAD/CAM/CAE Software, we are always seeking to push the boundaries of e-Learning and Interactive Education. Since MAC started creating it’s own CAD software Training Titles, we have published over 50 individual Titles and 100 Titles are under production. MAC continues to innovate and lead the market in New Technology and training techniques, and will continue to do so.

If you are an Engineer or an Engineering Student and most of your work depends upon engineering drawing e.g. If you are a Mechanical Engineer And your Job Profile has Machine Design as a part and the designs to be designed in CREO/NX/Solid works 2015, so you must learn about the updated versions of drawing tools/software that will help you to create better designs of machine parts. Earning the course you can easily find errors and solve the errors by yourself if it is a minor. In case of major issue you can consult us to escape from major loss.

After completion of the course, your technical skills will be improved and you will feel that you are better than you were. You will find yourself more comfortable with your Existing Job due to the updated knowledge. As a result everyone will be impressed with your Job performance and you can get promotion and your reputation will be increased.

We understand that you don’t need this course as of now because of many reasons like you not a design engineer, you are having a good job; you have already taken the course etc. But when you switch the organization, and they expect you to have knowledge in MX/CREO/Solid works 2015. If you are not updated with the latest courses, then there are chances of rejection. So our course will always be helpful in Career to grow.

Our SME (Subject Matter Expert) is a Fine Experienced Teacher and a NX/CREO/Solid Works 2015 Designer as well. Our SME has more than 17 years of Industrial Experience in Solid works 2015. It is not introductory course but it does not mean that a person who doesn’t know the basic cannot learn from it. The course is designed in such a way that any level of experienced / non-experienced persons can learn easily.
It is comprehensive course that means we have covered everything including basics.

We have 3 levels of in courses that we design and following are the levels

  1. Introductory
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advance

We have spent over decade to find out the solution for engineers and many engineers are experiencing the same. We have given our courses across the world and got good reviews and suggestions. We always update our courses with User’s suggestions. By doing this we are specialized in our area.

Our technical experts prepared all the courses keeping industry standards in mind. Our courses are designed after taking reviews and surveys from engineers across the world who already pursued our course. Our courses are prepared by 20+ years of industry Experts. Our courses include 100+ live projects and based on day-to-day changing requirements of professionals.

It is always easy and better to have someone who can demonstrate, so that we can understand and remember for long time. Textbooks would take more time to understand the contents, through DVDs you can easily grasp the contents since you are learning by seeing & hearing, hence retention is Very High.

With the changing era, classroom training is becoming old and the content taught is not updated frequently. Classroom trainings are not at par with Industry Standards and the standard are changing day-to-day. Highly experienced industry experts who regularly monitor industry changes very closely, prepare our Courses. Moreover Classrooms will not provide live projects where as we do. We have 40+ live projects included in each DVD’s. You can refer our video training before your interview also but not classrooms training.

Our courses are designed in a way that even a beginner can understand easily. We have basic and advanced versions, you can choose according to your expert level. Language and examples used in the course is very easy to understand. Still, if you have any doubts you can speak to our Experts and e-mail us your queries so that we will get back to you in 24-48 hours of time. We have a dedicated team to assist our Learners.

We are very sorry if you found any inconvenience with our earlier service. We regret the inconvenience. E -commerce companies are very keen to serve their customers and we too. Now we have improvised our Services strategy and we are getting excellent reviews from our learners that you can check on our Customer Review Section.

You can always check the course content and watch the sample videos on our website before any purchase. We have given module wise description of the course and a sample video too. If still, you want to return our product we have 7 days Refund Policy. You can check the Terms & Conditions of Return Policy from our website.

No, You don’t need any additional software to install or to run the Video Tutorials. Only K-lite video Player is required which is already preloaded in our DVD/Downloadable version.

Yes, all of our video tutorials are available for download version and shipping as well.

No, we do not provide any kind of certificates to our learners as of now. But if incorporate, we shall update all our existing users through mail and update on our website as well.

You are enhancing your skills by learning through our program. Your employer will get to know if any of their employees are more competitive and more knowledgeable.

No, as of now we are not providing mobile apps for the video tutorial. Our team is working on it. We will definitely update you whenever this facility is provided.

You can always check the course content and watch the sample videos on our website before any purchase. We have given module wise description of the course and a sample video too. If still, you want to return our product we have 7 days Refund Policy. You can check the Terms & Conditions of Return Policy from our website.

All the procedures are mentioned in the DVDs very clearly. After installation you have to send us your hardware profile and we will send you the activation keys for running DVDs. In case if you face any problems during installation you can always reach us and mail us at Our team will get back within 24-48 hours.

The course can be installed the on one computer only as every DVDs is having unique key for installation. For our existing customer we provide at 20 -30% discount rates if they need the course to be installed in another PC.

You can use any Internet Browser for downloading with a Normal Internet Speed.

Our DVDs will work on Windows PC and Laptops. For MAC IOS it will not work but our team is on it so that very soon our videos will run on MAC as well.

No it won’t be work in MAC iOS.
If you want to install again on another PC after formatting, our technical team will be available at 24*7 to assist you. You can always reach us and mail us at . Our team will get back within 24-48 hours.

Yes, We assure that shopping online from is 100% Safe and Secure. We receive payments through Pay U and Third party Gateway i.e. Real time processing of the credentials of customers. We never ask for any of customer information (Bank account) except customer name, email-id, and Selling cost of product.

Yes, of course you can see/watch our sample videos at any time on our website, Youtube and Daily Motion. We can send you the direct links as well if you want. You have to just mail us at .

Our videos are very easy to follow and prepared by our Industry Experts, considering all the aspects of an engineers from Beginners to Experts. You can choose the courses according to your choice from Basic to Advance one. We will not suggest advance courses for beginners.

The size of all our Video Tutorials varies from 1 GB to 4 GB Storage. We split them into small files for easy download.

Yes, You can back up the files, which you downloaded.

You can speak with our Technical Team or mail us at Our team will get back within 24-48 hours.

Kindly inform to us through mail to or feel free to reach us at +91 939 123 2727. Our team will assist you.

Yes, we do accept International Orders and we have learners across the world. We prefer to sell downloadable version for International buyers. They can buy online by choosing only PayPal option as Mode of Payment.

Our DVDs are already available on a very reasonable rate. We do not encourage discounts But Yes; we offer some special discounts for our frequently purchased learners or referral learners.

We accepts following 4 modes of Payment

  • Cash On Delivery (COD) – For Domestic Customers only (India)
  • Online Payment through Credit Cards/ Debit Cards/ Net Banking
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal (Only for International Buyer/ Customer)
  • Pay U

For Domestic customers our Turn Around Time is 4-5 Working days except the areas not covering courier companies. If you have purchased downloadable version you could get the download link through e-mail on same day.

No we do not have any online facility but you are always welcome to speak to our Customer Service and our Technical Team for any of your queries. We are always Happy to Serve you Better.

We are accepting all kind of Credit & Debit Cards from the Major Banks.

All the particulars in the Billing are very easy to fill for Payment Getaway on our website. You can easily go through it and Submit it.

You just need to select the product that you want to buy after that you, can select ‘Add to Basket’ option irrespective of you are trying to buy one course or multiple courses. After selecting Ad to Basket, the courses to be purchased will be accumulated in Cart. The amount shown in the cart will be summation of one course or multiple courses. After Checking Out the Basket, you will be taken to Payment Gateway where you need to fill some details in order summary before the payment is confirmed.

You will get the order purchase confirmation through SMS on your Mobile Phone if or though e-mail (If valid Contact number and e-mail id is provided)

You will definitely receive Text Message if your purchased successfully on the website and provided a valid working number. In case the text is deleted, we will have all your details saved with us and you can reach us at if any assistance required

You will get all the information with DVDs itself. Still if you face any problem in downloading or installing the program you can speak to our customer service team and you can reach us at

You can immediately call to our Customer Service team +91 939 123 2727 and ask us to cancel your repeated order or you can mail us at

No, our DVDs include everything that you no need to refer further. Our DVDS are prepared by Industry Experts and it includes Live Projects and Exercises. We offer Freebees as well, kindly visit our website for the same.

We use English in lecture Sessions.

There must be some problem in your Internet connection or any other computer related problem. You can call us at +91 939 123 2727 that our technical team will help you with time viewer software for successful installation of your program or you can mail us at

After Downloading the course, it will be saved in Downloads Folder of your computer and then you can transfer it anywhere on your computer.

You can move or transfer your file simply by copy and paste.

Currently we don’t have option to view them online but we are working on User’s Login Accounts. We shall update you on the same.


The length of our Tutorials are 3-4 hours if it runs continuously. But it depends on learners, how much time they take to complete the courses some will rewind many topics again and again for better understanding; some will take small intervals in between.

Yes, you can see our Sample videos on our Website, Youtube, & Daily Motion. You can earn our Freebees as well by submitting a simple form. Kindly check our Website for Freebees.

Our courses run on all Windows PC or Windows Laptop.

Right now we don’t have users forum but our technical team is working on that and will be launch soon and you will be able to connect with other users as well.

You can purchase updated version through online from our website. We would be updating all our courses frequently according to the Industry Standards.

You have to inform us at before/after purchasing a new Computer, So that we cancel your old license of the product and activate it again on your new computer.

 You can access the course, As long as our DVDs are with you.

English used in our DVDs are easily understood by anyone, we have used very simple English. Our Video Training Modules are designed in a simple and structured manner. All the topics are divided into small pieces so that you can easily learn and practice those topics with examples.

No, there is no time limits to complete the video tutorial. You can learn it in your own way and your own time.

We do not have membership option as of now but we always make sure that existing customers get our courses at a good price compared to new customers.

We have Reviews section on our Website. You can have a look over there.

You can rewind the DVDs at any point of time and can learn in intervals or prepare your own way to learn.

At MAC, we offer instructor-led sessions covering various categories of Civil, Mechanical and Architectural Engineering. At MAC, we offer instructor-led online Live sessions and Self-paced online courses covering various categories.

Our Instructors are industry experts having 20+years of experience in e-learning CAD-CAM video training. They have close eyes on changing trend of industry and our videos are prepared according to industry on day-to-day requirements.

Our video tutorials are one -way session although our expert’s team is already there to help you if you have any doubts during your session. You can speak to us or e-mail us at for your queries.

 You need decent Internet speed to access a video tutorial.

Yes MAC e-Learning Revolution team will always be available to guide and serve our existing customers over the Phone and on the Internet.

Yes, the instructor will allot you a real-time project to have a clear understanding of how you are able to conceptualize and implement in the real-world application of the course content.

 If you require extra assistance, our Service Support Team and technical team is always there to help you. You can speak to us or e-mail us at if any assistance is required.

Thousands of users spread worldwide, users have easy access to anywhere/anytime to the training i.e. work from home or workday or night. Video trainings are much more effective than classroom training, and take half the time to complete at a fraction of the price.

The material should be easy to read, regularly updated and accurate. It should also be presented in a format specifically designed for self-paced learning on the Web, with interactive exercises, interesting graphics, and an opportunity for engineers to learn changes in their respective industry.

No, we do not have our courses in other languages apart from English. However, we have a plan to translate all our courses to other widely used languages. We will keep you updated on this.

Not automatically. However, our technical team can work with you to customize our course to meet your specific needs.

We have placed our Privacy Policy on our Website. Kindly check the same from our Website.

A free video on YouTube covers only some highlighted features of he course and takes few minutes to complete. The free Videos will not have much information that you are looking for. A complete course is a set of numbered tutorials covering many modules.

The MAC e-Learning tutorials have been created over the last 2 years. We wanted to support people in learning updated topics in an effective and enjoyable way. Our Website site is getting lots of Global Traffic, so we think we are doing something Right. We are publishing new and updated versions of every course to update our learners.

Our tutorials are more comprehensive. Some alternatives use only video. This is helpful to quickly learn individual features, but it is hard to build a real business application from video clips. Some focus on basic code only. While this is necessary, today’s engineers need to build complete complex systems that meet client requirements. Our tutorials show them how to do this. Our Tutorials incudes ppt presentation, theory, live projects, updated examples, etc.

On the MAC e-Learning Revolution website there are 15+ Tutorials. And this is increasing all the time. The topics include:

  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Architecture

You can look at all the tutorial titles at to make it easier to find a tutorial that you are looking for.​

If you let us know your specifications of the course then we would build a course exclusively for you that will meet your expectations. But you can’t prepare the course by yourself without our assistance. If you would like to create your own course then you need to speak to our Technical Team or e-mail us at